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Elvis tribute act Micky Vegas offers superb Elvis tribute in West Midlands Region & Leicestershire, So upgrade your event with Micky Vegas, the renowned Elvis Presley act!


Micky Vegas has been performing Elvis songs for the best part of his life. He became a true fan on that fateful night when The King of Rock n Roll passed away. Micky says I was thirteen at the time and on holiday with my parents and brother in Southerness on the Solway Firth. Mum and Dad had gone to the campsite club and I was left with my brother to watch TV.
The news came on of the sudden death of Elvis Presley and knowing my Mum was such a big fan I ran to the club house to tell her, she burst into tears. I had some of his records but from that day on I was a true fan and since that day I had always sung Elvis songs by request at parties. I was inspired by a dear friend to take it to the next level and be an Elvis Tribute Artiste.
Micky is fast bing one of the UK's best Elvis tributes and his show's are bing more and more popular. Not only does he perform his shows for private occasions and pub venues, but he has so far helped to raise over 10,000 for various charities. With his authentic replica costumes, original backing tracks and his energetic stage showmanship the Micky Vegas show is The Elvis Tribute Show not to be missed.
My Elvis Tribute Micky Vegas is ELVIS
Elvis Presley is one of the most influential singer/entertainers of all time and a pioneer of Rock 'n' Roll music.
From meager beginnings in the deep south he rose to the height of stardom in the mid 1950s and early sixties as a successful musician and actor. He had hundreds hit songs Top 101s and Number 1's and starred in over thirty films in a career of over two decades. He was influenced by African-American musicians of his day,bined the styles of Rhythm and Blues and Country, and set it to up-tempo songs delivering high energy and incredible crowd pleasing performances.
Elvis became one of the most beloved and imitated artists of all time. This is identified by the amount of Tribute Acts throughout the world.The eccentric style and grandiose concerts that defined the second half of his career: rhinestone jumpsuits, sequined capes, and dramatic performances, became not only his trademark, but also iconic symbols of pop music.
Elvis successfully crossed genres and still remains one of the best-selling artists of all time. He is the King of Rock 'n' Roll .

Among other cities, Micky Vegas Is Elvis may serve the following areas: Warwickshire, Leicestershire, West Midlands, Staffordshire, Birmingham, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Norton, Aston, Brockton, Haughton, Marston, Newtown, Sutton, Walton, Whittington, Astley, Donnington, Eaton, Grafton, Knighton, Lea, Longford, Middleton, Norbury, Oldbury, Shrewsbury, Stockton, Walford





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