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NERF Dart Tag Now available in Carlisle Cumbria in the Lake District

Over the past few months we have introduced the game of Dart Tag to Propaintball

What this does is open our facility to a lower aged audience as players as young as 6 years old can now compete for the bragging rights. We have been pulling in groups from all around Carlisle in a desperate need to play the game, Nerf Dart Tag groups from Dumfries, Annan, Penrith in the Lake District, Whitehaven, Workington, Cockermouth and Aspatria have played NERF Dart Tag at our paintball site in Cumbria.

NERF is a bit like rugby as you have to dodge the incoming fire, then football as you have attackers and defenders guarding your base but with the added thrill of using a NERF dart tag weapon.

NERF dart tag is Ideal for Childrens Birthday Parties or Partys, Under 11's Football Teams or Players with there own NERF Dart Tag Guns. Call now to book your game: 01228 597726

ORGANISING A STAG WEEKEND ? Need some Idea's Stag weekends in Cumbria are the best.

Wanting to organise a Stag Do but struggling for an Idea ? Then we can help. Paintball is a great idea for a Stag Party where you get to shoot the STAG as part of his initiation into Manhood. We offer special deals for Stag Groups either on a half day paintball or full day paintball. Watch some of our Stag Group Video on YouTube to see what is on offer. And talking about Stag videos when you book ask us if it would be possible to film your group. If the Best Man is struggling with his speech, don't worry, just play the YouTube video for entertainment. ALSO.. This is done FREE but is subject to availability to book now and don't delay.

NIGHT WARFARE 2 - NIGHT OPS ( Tactical Paintball Night Operations )

Yes its that time of year again.. Dark nights nothing to do but play on the Xbox / PS3 / Wii..

Well here you go.. The new and improved Night Warfare 2..

What's the difference you ask? Well to make it more fair we reduced the amount of paintballs you can use during your mission. This stops people SPRAYING & PRAYING and giving there positions away.

You will carry 100 paintballs in your weapon with a refil of 50 paintballs if you need it.

The Chrono Limit is reduced from 280fps to 210fps to stop long distance shots and large bruise's.

Also the games are run like your Call of Duty Games.

Eg: move into hostile area, take out the guards, collect enemy intelligence then move to extraction point.

STANDARD PAINTBALL NIGHT GAMES ( Available at Carlisle in Cumbria site )

Adrenalin fuelled night paintball games 6pm till 10pm

Price's are still only an EXTRA £5.00 on top of your game fee

Night Paintball Games are ideal for corporate team building or players who work weekends or through the day. Starting at 6pm this makes it easier to get to play paintball with your work colleagues.


You will be please to know that we have started to build the new FISH HOUSE (Fighting In Someone's House). Due to the film event being shot at the site we were unable to build it but as they have now finished, building has now commenced (Ready for the Winter Night Games). This time it will have a 7ft high security perimeter fence, windows and a proper roof to stop people shooting over the walls. We will post photos on our FACEBOOK page as an when we have them.

Among other cities, Propaintball may serve the following areas: Cumbria, Newbiggin, Beckfoot, Brampton, Branthwaite, Hayton, Hutton Roof, Kirkland, Nook, Rosthwaite, Scales, Seathwaite, Stainton, Wreay, Barbon, Banks, Bank End, Bampton, Baldwinholme, Baggrow, Backbarrow, Ayside, Aspatria, Askham, Askam in Furness, Asby, Arrad Foot, Arnside, Armathwaite, Arlecdon



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