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Serving South of England

Steelasophical is a professional Steel Drummer & Steel Drum Band. Options from slow, low volume, gentle background music to create that perfect mood by blending into the background To the hard...



Bringing you the best, most versatile and unique musical flava of the Caribbean

The Solo & Duo options are our core live music service that we offer and is the modern evolution where live Caribbean steeldrum musical entertainment is concerned

It utilises amazing sounding and looking Caribbean Steeldrum instruments and live percussion, fused with great quality studio produced backing music trax, to give a full and professional band sound .. resonating from just one or two visible performers!

The concept is not unique, many top performers do this all the time and have done so for years and on the BIG stage! .. the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Simply Red, George Michael

Using suitable backing trax gives you the best of all worlds. Great live Steeldrum and percussive sounds, but without the uncertainty and variation in a live backing band (for a fraction of the cost too) .. with us, the backing music is always as intended and perfect for the occasion, with the lead Pannist able to control the entire performance balance, sound, feel & volume, in one motion at any given time .. a must for background music where people want to be heard, but music is required to create that perfect tropical atmosphere

Our professional track record

  • 100% Professional (not a weekend hobby)
  • Music used in the James Bond movie Casino Royale
  • Caribbean Steel Drum albums sold world-wide in over 42 countries
  • Music sold in every major reseller (including iTunes, HMV, Virgin, Amazon ..)
  • Winning musical entertainment performance in Channel 4's Come Dine WIth Me
  • Member: Musician Union / BAS / MCPS / PAMRA / PRS / MusicT
  • £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance
  • For sale - the best Caribbean Steeldrum First Learning Instrument - from just £160ea

    With Steelasophical, the basic music styles stretch over 14 genres and the song list itself has a base of well over 100 which grows periodically. This give the highest flexibility when it comes to the scope of occasions, size of venue and performance area, style and pace of music required

    Due to the nature of the composition of the act, the music can be as soft and gentle as a string quartet, to as loud and pulsating as a 6-8pc Caribbean steelband, Soca band, Pop group, Reggae or Salsa band .. something to take into account when comparing quotations

    Suitable for
    Party / Reception / BBQ / Weddings / Celebrations / Product Launch / Boat Cruise /Salsa Party / Zumba Night / Fete / Carnival / Bizarre / Corporate Entertainment / Private Events / Friends & Family Gatherings / Come Dine with Me Evening / James Bond Themed Event

    Massive Sound
    We have the use of up to 4200 watts of PA system clarity and power. Your average steelband has less than 500watts if a combo setup with electric instruments is used .. and a typical small to medium mobile Dj would have a set up between 500 - 2000watts. We can even compliment our Steeldrum Band service with guest artists, adding vocals, saxophone, percussion, more steeldrums .. it truly is amazing value and far much more than your conventional Steelband or DJ

    History and Experience
    Steelasophical was born out of over 15 years of performing alongside some of the very best in the caribbean music scene .. including soca bands, reggae bands, steelbands of both traditional and combo variety ... and many many session gigs and recording contracts So not only do you get the best of steeldrums, you also have the options of a Pro DJ service, dmx lighting / scanner / Laser/ Smoke, themed banners, mood lighting and a host of multimedia options .. and many years of experience ... Massively Versatile!

    Lunchtime weekday special

    £60 / hour fee
    Monday to Friday
    Between 11am and 2pm
    Excludes expenses such as parking, travel over 30miles

    Primetime Service

    This can be a pure music service or incorporate multimedia and PA service also

  • Max 60mins - from £225
  • Max 90mins - from £275
  • Max 2 hours - from £325
  • Max 3 hours - from £435
  • Max 4 hours - from £545
  • Max 5 hours - from £655
  • Max 6 hours - from £765

    The Music Tent

    A 4m x 4m inflatable room space
    For indoors - a wonderful visual effect and housing for the musical entertainment service and a huge improvement on your standard gazebo structure.
    An amazing indoor feature, bound to grab the attention and have a lasting effect on you, clients, family and friends

  • from £99

    Outline of terms
    Arrival at least hour prior to start time
    20% deposit on return of contract
    80% balance paid no later than 30 days prior to event

    10% discount off above prices if you can provide:
    Paying in advance on return of contract within 7 days
    2 written testimonials on the day of booking
    Photo opportunity (for website)

    Among other cities, Steelasophical may serve the following areas: Somerset, London, Kent, Devon, Hampshire, Cornwall, Surrey, East Sussex, Gloucestershire, East London, West Sussex, South London, Buckinghamshire, West London, Wiltshire, Bristol, North London, Oxfordshire, Isle of Wight, Upton, Berkshire, Central London, Newtown, Charlton, Ford, Preston, Kingston, West End, Ashley, Buckland, South East, South West, Channel Islands, Greater London

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