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Sue Miller: International Palmist - Hand Analysis & Palmistry, GREAT PARTY ENTERTAINER!


Sue Miller Palmistry

Certifications and Education
Member of Society for the Study of Physiological Patterns
Diploma in Healing and Personal Development
BA in Fine Art and Sculpture
When I was a child my father told me over and over that he thought I was psychic and what that could mean for myself and others, so I grew up with a spiritual dimension to my life. At 25 I started to study palmistry seriously with the Society for the Study of Physiological Patterns (SSPP) in London where I lived. The society was founded by well educated people dedicated to studying how physical patterns in the human body such as palm lines, hand shapes and sizes, colour and skin ridge patterns plus fingerprints reveal character and potential in individuals as well as inherited talents plus health indications.
My mentor at the society was Beryl Hutchinson a founder member of the SSPP and author of A Modern Guide to Palmistry. This authoritative guide to a fascinating science formed the bedrock of my understanding of how these patterns give a fuller picture of our own personalities and of how to get the best out of life. Reading palms is not fortune telling, it is a method of analysing your true potential giving you a valuable insight into your character, your talents and your limitations. Your hands contain the blueprint which makes you unique, all you need to do is have it interpreted.
I have been practising palmistry for 35 years and have met some extraordinary people who have allowed me to help them in this very private way. Parents have also found palmistry particularly helpful in finding out the potential and inherited traits of their children, enabling them to help the child to achieve their potential rather than pushing them in unsuitable. directions.
My practice is based in the pretty market town of Oswestry in Shropshire UK and in Toronto Canada which I visit yearly.

1 hour reading by appointment ?30 per person
Weekend workshops at your venue ?160 per day
Palmistry for kids available
Palmistry Parties: 6 people, at your home, within a 20 mile radius of Oswestry Shropshire, each person gets half an hour for ?20, the host gets their reading free.

Among other cities, Sue Miller Palmistry may serve the following areas: Shropshire, Oswestry, Brockton, Aston, Haughton, Norton, Shrewsbury, Sutton, Betton, Bicton, Donnington, Eaton, Kinton, Lea, Longford, Middleton, Norbury, Walcot, Walford, Weston, Astley Abbotts, Astley, Asterton, Asterley, Ashford Carbonel, Ashford Bowdler, Ash Magna, Arowry, Arleston, Annscroft, Anchor



“Just wanted to thank you for the great palmistry session. You really are a great talent, very humble, skilled, clear-minded in your insights and a wonderful spirit. You gave me lots of ideas and strength with your session.

You confirmed some of my intuitions and gave me many interesting avenues to ponder. After your reading I felt that you were extremely gifted and a very giving loving person.

I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful session and tell you what a good job you had done. It was more than I expected as you were extremely precise, professional, dedicated, kind, sensitive and caring. I felt very comfortable with you.”

Paul S

“Wow, having just had my palm read by Sue Miller I was blown away by her insights into my character. She was dead on. I also had so much fun with the reading, I enjoyed the delightful way she shared with me.”

Sheree N

"My experience was so inspiring! I'm still in awe at just how precise and detailed Sue was at reading the fine lines and patterns on my palms that make up my personality. I found it truly amazing at how the readings were so accurate that they confirmed certain aspects of my life. What used to be prospective decisions for me, Sue solidified, all from what she saw in my palms! Having the prints to take home has allowed me to continue analyzing the sights Sue saw. A fantastic journey, thank you!"

Amber W

“Thank you for the wonderful palm reading evening. It was nice to have so much information confirming what I am going through now, and the encouragement to move forward on goals that I have thought about but have not been confident enough to go for.”

Gagan L


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