Bunny Rabbits

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Last Sunday my three-year old daughter, Dorothy, was baptised. We had a fantastic party for her after the ceremony.

Dorothy really loves bunny rabbits so we made the party more like an Easter party. The invitation cards were shaped like a bunny holding Easter eggs. Lots of our friends were coming and three of Dorothy's friends were also invited to come with their parents, so Dorothy was understandably very excited.

The previous day, Dorothy helped me colour hard-boiled eggs for the egg hunt. She had such a great time dunking the eggs into the cups of food dye! I made some modeling dough for the kids to play with out of leftover dye, flour and salt.

Before we left for church I decorated the back garden. I hung pink and yellow balloons from the row of bushes we have separating our lawn from our neighbour's. I set up a couple of picnic tables and covered them with plastic Bunny Rabbit tablecloths. I had matching cups, plates and napkins.

After the church ceremony, everyone returned to the house and went straight to the garden. A trio of musicians, playing the flute, cello, and violin, played classical music welcoming our guests to a playful and joyful celebration. I recorded all the action with our video camera. My husband, John, dressed up as a pink bunny and made balloon animals for the kids who were absolutely thrilled. He played game with them, where he'd lie on the grass while they would run near him, trying to avoid letting him catch their legs. The kids would squeal as he'd come close and miss, or scream when he actually caught one of them. The adults drank tea or beer and watched the entertainment. We had a photographer come in to take pictures of the kids with the big, pink bunny.

After everyone had enjoyed a light buffet, I brought out the carrot cake. I baked it using my mother's special recipe. Everyone really liked it, especially Dorothy, who had seconds. There was punch and soft drinks for the kids and wine, coffee, or tea for the adults.

I started the egg hunt after the kids had finished their carrot cake. I gave them each a basket I had made. They were very pretty with pink and yellow ribbon wrapped around the handles. Each child took one home.

The kids had a lot of fun looking for the eggs. Some of the adults helped the kids who had trouble finding some. While the kids were occupied John changed out of his costume to enjoy the party with the adults.

The kids played with the modeling dough while the adults sat and talked. It was such a great, relaxing and fun day. What a wonderful way to celebrate Dorothy's baptism!