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My brothers and sisters and I surprised our parents for their fiftieth wedding anniversary by throwing a James Bond "Goldfinger" party. It was to die for! Mom and Dad are big fans of the James Bond films since "Dr. No". Mom and Dad's favorite is "Goldfinger" so, we chose it for the party theme.

The invitations were postcard stills from the "Goldfinger" movie I found at a music store. On the back was all the party information: Location, date, time and instructions for the guests to come dressed as a spy, Bond girl, or character from "Goldfinger" or any other Bond film.

Eventually we had to tell Mom and Dad about the party so we could get them out of the house while we decorated. They spent the day with Elise my sister-in-law. The day of the party we stacked the Styrofoam bricks we had painted gold throughout the house. Peter moved the furniture into the spare room and brought in chairs and a large table dinner would be served at. We covered it with a gold tablecloth. We found plastic gold plates, gold napkins and we borrowed Elise's gold plated silverware. I've never seen the house look so bright! We hung the four sheet original "Goldfinger" framed poster on the wall so they could see it. It was a present from all of us. The print shop did such a wonderful job. It looked gorgeous!

We all dressed as our favorite Bond character. I came as a Bond girl, Peter was Dr. No and John was Felix Lighter. Elise brought Mom and Dad back about an hour before the party started. They couldn't believe how great the decorations looked. We helped them get ready. Dad was James Bond, of course. He looked perfectly charming, in his with his tuxedo with his hair slicked back and peter even found silver water pistol, which he continually would use on all of us. Mom was transformed Octopussy wearing a clingy harem dress and fancy jewelry. She looked beautiful. The best was Elise. She was dressed as Golden girl in Goldfinger. She looked fabulous! We even sprayed her hair gold! Everyone wanted to take a photo with her.

Guests started arriving in ones and pairs and everyone came in costume. I couldn't believe it! There were Bond girls, other James Bonds, Dr. No's and even Jaws. A CD collection of music from all the the films was playing on the stereo. We knew people were really getting into it when Mom and Dad did a tango to the main "James Bond" theme. Everyone made room for them.

John recorded the entire party with a video camera. Later, turned it into a mini Bond film with clever editing, narration and even made a classic "James Bond" teaser opening. He used video toaster to add opening and end credits.

Before the meal the guests could sip wine, or Martinis, (shaken, not stirred), with green olives while trying their luck at roulette, or "21" at the gaming tables John had rented to make a mini casino.

Dinner was a choice of filet mignon or poached salmon. We had ordered it from mom and dad's favorite restaurant. Only the best for ourJames Bond.

There were fresh strawberries and banana cream sheet cake for dessert. The cake had a 007 logo made out of kiwi. Everyone loved it.

After eating, the guests mingled, danced and went back to the gaming tables. Everyone had such a great time. By the end of the night dad was doing really well at "21". He played it so cool, just like James would have.

Mom and Dad thanked us for a beautiful evening and said the poster would stay right where it was to remind them of the best anniversary party ever.