Hamster Wedding

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My six year old, Tara, had two hamsters as pets. She named the male Mork and the girl, Mindy after the characters of her favorite show she watches on TV Land.

As you would expect, eventually one of the hamsters became pregnant, but it was Mork, not Mindy. I guess someone had made a mistake. This was even funnier because on the show, the TV character Mork also got pregnant.

Tara insisted that the hamsters have a wedding before Mork gave birth. My husband and I bought a small cake and had the bakery decorate it with with two small plastic hamster figurines, icing and sugar sculpture roses.

I took a couple of scrap pieces of satin and made a black skirt for Mork and a white skirt for Mindy with my sewing machine. I used some elastic so they would fit easily over their heads. Tara made a veil for Mindy out of a strip of white organza ribbon, but it would not stay on her head.

After the the wedding march played on the CD,my husband, Frank, acted as the minister and was going to perform the ceremony. I had a camera to take photos of Mork and Mindy afterward.

Both hamsters stayed in their plexi glass home and neither hamster seemed bothered by the skirts as they wandered around. Since they wouldn't stand stil next to each other, Tara picked them up and held them together for the brief ceremony. Frank read the vows as quickly as possible and Tara touched Mork's nose to Mindy's so he would kiss the bride.

After taking a few pictures we took off their skirts and let them play. Tara watched them for a little while longer then Frank cut the hamster wedding cake. Frank and I even toasted with glass of wine to their happiness. Tara toasted with sparkling apple juice and she dropped a few crumbs of the cake into their container.

Tara told us she was very happy Mork and Mindy had a wedding because she wouldn't want the babies to be born illigitimate. I hope she doesn't ask to send out birth announcements or have a christening!

I think I know where she gets it from. Frank told me he wants to have an anniversary party for Mork and Mindy to celebrate next year!