On the Roof Top

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Jack and I are not fond of ceremony so when we got married we decided it would be a completely private event. The stairs in our townhouse building go right up to the roof and Jack and I have often sit there together to watch the sunset over the sea. We decided it would be the perfect place to have our wedding - about as private and intimate as it gets.

Therefore our guest list was very limited --just the two of us and the minister who was also the photographer !!! .

I decorated the roof with potted flowers, tea lights inside of translucent white bags, and rose petals strewn across the ground. It was very simple, but that was the unfussy and modest effect I wanted. Jack helped me carry a small table and two chairs up to the roof. I covered the table with a table cloth I made from a remnant of silk damask. I used our best china, silverware and two crystal goblets. In the centre of the table I placed a large white candle and a crystal vase with a single red rose. Everything looked perfect and again very simple.

I found a how-to article on making wreaths of fresh flowers which I wore like a crown. My wedding gown was a simple white satin dress. Jack wore pants of pearl gray linen and a white silk pullover shirt. We looked very elegant and were very comfortable.

The minister arrived and we went up to the roof and as the sun began to set we commenced the ceremony. The summer sky was streaked with shades of pink, gold and burning orange with just a few scattered clouds. As the light faded the stars started to appear one by one. We couldn't have wished for a more glorious sunset as the minister blessed our marriage. Jack and I exchanged wedding rings and the traditional wedding kiss. After he took a few photos for us he went on his way.

Jack and I brought up our stereo and played our favourite songs on the CD disc changer. We danced cheek to cheek for what seemed like hours.

Then we sat down to eat. I brought up the meal I prepared of Chicken Kiev with wild rice and mushrooms and buttered asparagus. It was really delicious. Jack opened a bottle of champagne to have with dinner. Jack and I laughed as we looked at each other's rings and thought about what everyone will say when we tell them. My mum wanted me to have a big wedding, oh well! We later explained to our respective families and friends that our bonding and feelings were the same, with or without lots of people, and we would rather expend the money saved on not having an elaborate wedding on an exotic honeymoon.

I made chocolate mousse for dessert and we sat under the stars feeding it to each other. We toasted to a lifetime of wonderful years together. After dinner, we danced into the night until we were both started to get cold. Instead of going back inside we brought up our air mattress and down sleeping bag and cuddled up beneath it, staring at the stars. It was such a gorgeous and perfect night! We even saw a shooting star. Our wedding day was truly ours and our alone. We were both so happy and it couldn't have been better planned.

I highly recommend getting married on your roof. It was the most romantic evening of my life!