Oxygen Bar

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Creating innovative and original event themes for Corporate Events is one of the most gargantuan tasks for a Corporate Event Planner or Corporate Event Producer. The festivities, activities, decor, food and overall look and feel of the corporate event need to be unified thematically. This corporate event theme idea I believe will imbue any corporate event with a high level of creativity, and has been successful in other event settings.

I attended an event months earlier that included an Oxygen Bar with an ultra-modern, cutting edge theme that should be considered by all Corporate Event Planners as an exciting theme idea. While at a wedding, sipping on wine and chatting with some friends, out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of the Bride and Groom hooked up to nose hoses like the ones patients are hooked up to in the hospital. I went for closer inspection and saw what was on the other end of the nose hoses were colourful bottles of pure oxygen! I asked the Oxygen Bartender what this was and he told me it's the newest craze because people say taking their turn on the Oxygen Bar makes them feel like they've taken a power nap!

I took an immediate mental note as I am also a professional Event Producer. At the time I was getting ready to co-produce a large scale Corporate Trade Show for Pro-Active World Wide. I suggested to my contact at the company that we should make the Corporate Event themed around the Oxygen Bar. I explained my idea and she thought it sounded terrific.

For starters we contacted an Oxygen Bar supplier and informed them that the Oxygen Bar was to be the centre of the Corporate Event. We contacted a local decor company and event lighting company who supplied us with the special decorative lighting that we installed on the walls just like the kind on the side of the Oxygen Bar. The decorations company also supplied us with coloured bubble decorations which we hung all around the event venue, in the centre of each wall was the Pro-Active worldwide logo and / or new product logo. Lastly we released aromatherapy aromas into the air just like the kind that come bubbling out of an Aromatherapy Oxygen Bar which gives you 90-95% pure oxygen as well as breathing in different aromas. The whole facility had become one giant Oxygen Bar!

As well as having O2 imbued water to drink, there were tables laid out with cans of pure oxygen for the guests to breath. That's actual oxygen 'in a can' that you breathe while walking around mingling and viewing trade show booths!

Additionally the aromatherapies (sweet smelling aroma's that make the oxygen session more pleasant) were used to give a new spin on the traditional product launch. They were used as to introduce the company's newest products and a select group of aromatherapies were also named after the products themselves. On stage, introducing the products to the audience, the CEO and CFO of the company were outfitted with nose hoses breathing in the aromatherapy oxygen, with the new products name and artwork on the bottle. It was a symbolic way for the corporate higher-ups to introduce the products.

The guests really got a kick out of the way the room was laid out and each one of them couldn't wait to take their turn breathing in that special aromatic oxygen! All the guests had a great time and they all attested to the fact that the oxygen really made them feel energized, like they'd just drunk a gallon of some energy drink but this kind of energy boost doesn't include the crash later on! Everyone who hooked up to the Oxygen Bar agreed it made them feel much better, more energized and clear headed.

Our Oxygen Bar corporate event theme was a great success, both for its originality and the health benefits, since we were promoting something holistic and fun for the guests at the event. Now it seems our Oxygen Corporate Event theme is in pretty high demand. Who thought you could have such a great time breathing?