Wonder Woman

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I had an amazing birthday party for my daughter, Lauren, who just turned ten. Lauren really likes Wonder Woman. She enjoys watching the old cartoons and the repeats of the original TV program starring Linda Carter. My husband, Jim watches it with her, but I think only so he can see Linda in her Wonder Woman costume. Anyway, when she said she wanted a Wonder Woman themed birthday party I couldn't refuse.

The invitations had a still from the cartoon of Wonder Woman in her invisible jet. Inside was all the important party information: Location, date and time of the party.

When Lauren's friends arrived, the house was decorated in red, white, blue and gold stars. A cardboard cut-out of Wonder Woman's invisible jet hung from the ceiling. There was also a life-size cutout of Wonder Woman with her golden lasso standing by the door. Lauren's favourite songs were playing on the stereo.

A make-up artist and costumer had Wonder Woman costumes for all of the girls, complete with all the accessories like the truth-telling lasso, bullet proof cuffs and boomerang head bands. The girls were ' thrilled. The make up artist made them all up to look like Linda Carter, from dark curly wigs to nails. Suddenly I had seven Wonder Women running around the house, trying to lasso each other. I took loads of pictures of the girls laughing, joking ad running around.

The girls went outside to play on the jungle gym I had rented for the day. They had a great time swinging on the bars and rings and sliding down the slide. The photographer and I took pictures of them in action. I sent the best copies to everyone a week later. They climbed and played until they started getting hungry.

Jim grilled hamburgers on the barbecue. I served them French fries and a side of "truth-telling" lasso spaghetti. The drinks were red, white and blue milkshakes: red cherry, blue raspberry and white vanilla.

After lunch came the cake. It was decorated with the same 'edible' sugar effigy of Wonder Woman flying her invisible jet. The bakery had custom made it for Lauren. It was incredible to look at and to eat. The cake had a vanilla with strawberry filling and chocolate cream icing, mmmm. After everyone was stuffed, Lauren opened her presents.

A special effects artist set up a small stage in our living room with a small blue screen behind it. There was a blue stool in the centre of the stage. Lauren was the first to sit on the stool and right before everyone's eyes Lauren appeared on the monitor flying in the invisible jet above the city. The effects artist captured the image digitally and made a colour print from it. Each of the girls got a turn to sit on the stool and have their own picture of them as Wonder Woman. Even I had a go.

The girls reluctantly returned their costumes and wigs as the day came to a close and their parents arrived to take them home.

Lauren's present from us was a Wonder Woman costume and she loved it so much she went to bed in it.