Bridal Registration Tips / Gift list

Registering for gifts may be one of the best shopping experiences the bride and groom may have together. The couple experiences a win-win situation as they choose the china, small appliances and gifts they would prefer to have to help feather their new nest.

China, bedding, small appliances (ie. toaster, sandwich maker, coffee maker) and a variety of gifts suited to the couple's lifestyle are typical for a registration. The couple must not expect to receive all the gifts on the list, but to provide a varied list for wedding guests to choose from.

While China is traditionally the most favoured item on the registry, couples now opt for a variety of gifts depending on their lifestyle and sometimes their socioeconomic level. Couples who have been married before, lived together or have established homes of their own may decide that a registry more suited for their personal hobbies, or items to help round out their collective household instead of the traditional list.

Department stores offer a variety of registration options, but stores such as Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond and host of other retailers offer gift registration as well. A couple interested in hiking and rock climbing might register for gifts at a camping equipment store. Or a couple who is building or remodeling a home may register for gifts at a Home shop. Or a couple of art lovers may ask guests to chip in on a favourite painting or sculpture which may gain value as time goes by.

Large retailers often list gifts on their websites, enabling guests from other parts of the country and time-challenged guests to plug into the registry and purchase gifts online.

The purpose of registration is to help a young couple get off on the right foot with a well-appointed home and fairly well-stocked kitchen. Hence, china both formal and casual is often the choice of guests. Cookware and bake ware basics and a trove of glasses for water and wine are also part of the registration. And although a casual lifestyle may not require a formal china on a daily basis, holidays and special occasions will.

While china may seem expensive, and a piece of art an outrageous suggestion, some guests may chip in together to buy a larger piece of china or several pieces. Your guests may actually appreciate the opportunity to contribute to a larger pot.

Money may also be requested as a gift should a couple need additional funds for a down-payment on a home or simply want to invest in the future. Sports or fitness gear, and patio or outdoor furniture may also be an option. Camera equipment, computer equipment or home entertainment equipment may also be a part of the wedding gift registration.

Some couples may have already established a household together and suggesting that guests buy them more may seem over-indulgent. A small registry may be appropriate in this situation, or monetary gifts are appropriate as well.

But if the bride and groom choose to register the following list may help the task.

The Basics:

Casual china typically comes 4-piece place settings: dinner plate, salad plate, soup/cereal bowl and mug.

Fine china may include a five-piece place setting; dinner plate, salad/dessert plate, bread and butter plate, cup and saucer.
Soup bowls, which do double-duty for pasta, may be added on to the list. Charger platters, usually for decoration only, may also be a part of the ensemble.

For the kitchen:

Coffee grinder
Food Processor
Hand mixer
Panini maker
Set of steak knives
Chef's knives
Bread Knife
Paring knife
Utility knife
Sharpening steel
Pair of kitchen shears

Four to five-inch skillet
10- to 12- inch skillet
3-quart or 1-quart saucepan with lid
4 to 6-quart saucepan with lid
Dutch oven
Steamer insert
Tea Kettle
Casserole dish or set of casserole dishes
Cookie sheet
Muffin pan
Waffle iron

Crystal and glassware basics:

The bride and groom should choose a design they jointly prefer. Choose the number of glasses and kind of glasses depending on lifestyle. Wine lovers may have more extensive choices than non-drinkers while beer lovers may stash an extra set of chilled mugs away on the list.

Red wineglasses (wide mouth)
White wineglasses (narrow mouth)
Water goblets
Champagne flutes
Double old-fashioned glass
Iced beverage glass
Pitcher (s)

Flatware (silverware):

Five-piece matching silverware with dinner fork, knife, salad fork, tablespoon and teaspoon. If the bride and groom intend to entertain add a hostess set which includes cutting knives and serving spoons for party dishes.

For bed and bath:

The bedding of your choice may be determined based on colour and pattern plus thread-count.

Three to four sets of sheets
Three to four pillowcases per pillow
Duvet or down comforter
Mattress pads
Four to six bath rowels
Two to four bath sheets
Guest towels
Four washcloths

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