Event insurance

This is one of the most important Tip a Groom-to-be can get and this tip applies to your stag event and your wedding as one.

Imagine to yourself sitting down and planning your stag event for you and your pals. You decide to make it a stag weekend that with include a weekend full of survival activities, accommodation and food & drinks. That's probably going to cost each a sum just over £100 each. The days are going by and you are waiting for the stag weekend to finally come. You make a phone call to the company you arranged the weekend with and they are not there.

"Oh brother" you think to yourself. Then you start to think what should I do? What's wrong? Will they run off with my money and will I have the stag party on time at all?

You need to ENSURE your event. Make no mistakes talking about event insurance. There is an event insurance you get a policy for the equipment at your event, there is an insurance your service suppliers must have for your event, in case somebody gets injured at the event, wedding venue insurance and there is cancellation insurance.

We are talking about Cancellation insurance. You have paid a lot for your stag event and now the company has forgotten to make arrangements for you, or even worse, they ran off with your money- scam.

When you plan any kind of event, from a special party through a stag weekend to a wedding, you must have event and wedding insurance.

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