Hen Party - Fast & Easy

Congratulations! You are getting married, but one minute you do so, you need a Hen party. Before you start to panic and give up, take a moment to read just a few simple tips of how to plan your party easily.


The location is very important to the ambience of your event. You may choose between having your party at home with an entertainer or a Hen party planner, a private male dancer or you can have the event at a venue like a nice restaurant in their VIP section or night club dancing.


There are A LOT of Hen party activities. They vary from ceramic painting parties, through In home pamper parties and adult style parties. If you are an adventurous person, you may like to try wall climbing or a Team building activity. You'll be surprised what this can do to your friendship with the ones standing on your side.


Are you paying for the event by yourself or everyone is chipping in? try to get the help of your best friend who can help you find good packages for Hen parties. If you want to have just a small party at home, make a list of food & beverages you would like at the party and ask your best friend to ask each guest to bring something from the list.
If your financial situation allows you to sponsor the event without hassle, simply make a list of what you need: what you want, the location, costumes, food, invitations, transportation (do not drink and drive), entertainment.

All is left for you to do is wait for the day to come and enjoy