How to plan a Stag Night / Weekend

So you are getting married soon? Let us give you some advice for planning your stag event. PartyPOP has made event planning easier than ever.

First of all there are a few questions you must ask yourself. This will help you target your ideas into enquiries with the right service providers and make it easier for you to plan on.

will it be a stag night or weekend? How many friends do I want to invite? Who do I want to invite? Is there a theme to the event? Do I want the event documented? What is my budget?

will it be a stag night or weekend?

One night party- so you want a party for your entering the marriage club, that's great. Now what you need to find is a location. There are a few types of stag night locations: a gentleman's club / strip club, a pub / bar / restaurant, night club, at home, hotel.
The great things about a one night event is that you can invite everybody on a short notice, because it's just like going out on a Wednesday night for a pint. You don't have to take a whole day off from work, the following day. It's cheaper.

Weekend event- so you want to enjoy the weekend with your best friends, what a brilliant idea. Your options are really vast. For such an event there are so many for a stag weekend such as Nature stag weekend or adventure stag weekend. You'll all ride horses, motorcycles or quads in the forest and get filled with mud. you may even camp out and have a bonfire. If you are more a hotel guy you can hire a really big room at a hotel or resort and use it as a place to sleep and eat, when all activities are done away from the hotel.
You can hire a big yacht and go fishing or just enjoy a sunny weekend offshore.
Do you consider yourself as a good shooter? You can go paintballing or hire a laser games arena for a few hours. Why not complete the day on a go karting course? The UK is full of great indoor or outdoor courses.
Why not call a company that specialises in stag weekend? They can tell you all about the activities you may do on one weekend.

How many friends do I want to invite?

Well this is totally up to you to decide. Who said that having many guests on your stag event is better than having just a few?
If you are having a weekend stag party whit activities like paintball, then you must have about 10 people with you to make a great 5 on 5 challenge. By the way in that case 10 on 10 is even more fun – same with go carting.
If you are going hiking or yachting, you may be enough with 5-6 people. Some say it's better to make the guest list first and then make an activity list, but some argue it should be the other way around. Our advice to you is – do what makes you happy. There are no rules to having a perfect stag event.

Who do I want to invite?

This question talks about what kind of friends & family to invite. If you're going to a gent's club should you then invite your future father in law or future brother in law? Emmm NO.
If you're going yachting take a handful of friends. Being on a vacation yacht requires large beer capacity but a yacht that provides team building activities would require team work from you and your buddies, so choose well.
Give some thought to what people you invite to your stag event. You do not want good friends to miss out on your party and you do not want to offend any either.

Is there a theme to the event?

Some people like to have some friends gathered at home and chill, but some like to go out and have a crazy time. In any event you should consider having a themed stag party / weekend.
Before asking yourself: "what theme do I choose" you need to ask yourself whether you want a theme or not. The themes for any kind of event are endless. You may have a James Bond theme or a Wild West theme party. You may choose to not have a specific there and go with the flow. That doesn't mean the event should not be planned. You must plan to fit a budget and to make sure things do not go wrong.
Our tip to you: have a themed event. Why not? You can have outfits or costumes, you can buy matching party supplies and do many fun things. It's all up to you.

Do I want the event documented?

There are 2 options:
Option A: absolutely Yes. It's a great event and it's a day to remember. You may even want to put a few pictures in your wedding album.
Option B: absolutely NO: if you are planning to have an adult party you should not get it photographed. Other people, your future wife, may not like what they see.

What is my budget?

Every event costs money and there is almost nothing for free today.
If you are planning to pay for the whole event by yourself, then check and compare the prices for each service you enquire for and even try to get a better price.
If your pals are chipping in, you can go even more crazy and spend some money and get a great deal for everything. Some events cost little and some cost more. If you are planning an adventure weekend, expect to pay more than a few drinks at a night club or gent's club.

These are a few tips for a successful stag event. Have fun