How to plan a Teen Party

That day has come and your child is no longer a small child, but a Teenager. These wonderful years between the ages of 13-19 are the best yeas for all young people and it's party time.

Ok. How do you plan a Teen party? Well first of all you need to understand that every year of this era your son or daughter is a totally different person, with weird agendas and points of view on this world we live in.
We must point out the difference that you should consider on a 13th birthday party and a 19th birthday party, because your loved one may love other things in these two age groups.

How to plan a 13th birthday party:
You require a few key things for a successful party. Party invitations, Food & Drinks, Entertainment and Music.
Usually these parties have a theme and you should consider looking at PartyPOP Party Themes section for further information. You 13th birthday party theme can vary between SpongeBob, Fairies & Elves and Walt Disney characters.

Party Invites should be colourful and your 13 year old would usually want to choose what's going to be on it.
Food & Drinks are very important to talk about. You want healthy food and your 13 year old wants junk (their friends too). You have a dilemma. Arrange an agreement to have both types of food, so everyone can choose what they like. Same with drinks.

Entertainment is not hard to get. You really have a lot of entertainment options. The best thing to do is to hire a Party Planner to take care of everything from A-Z. If you are short on funds or have a touch for event planning then you have to do it yourself. If you have a party theme you are half way there planning your event.
Your entertainment options are basically magicians, clowns, ventriloquist, comedians and many more. Just access their profile pages on PartyPOP site and make enquiries.

Music is a must at a Teenagers party. You can choose between live music, a Mobile Disco or DJ in teen-language. A DJ will set up fast, take little space and make no mess. When the smoke dissolves you'll be satisfied to see they left you no cleaning up.
Live music is usually a Band or Karaoke style. A Solo Musician or Singer will not be suitable for this type of event.

How to plan a 19th birthday party:
Read all the above and see how similar it is. Isn't it cool? Even for adults having a birthday party, it's the same. We all have children hidden deep inside and we all love a good party with a theme & entertainment.

Now that you have a solid foundation to making your Teenager's party a success, go and get started.

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