Wedding Venues

Whatever type of wedding, party or function you are planning, there are so many different locations and venues to choose from. No matter what the event, PartyPOP has listings of locations that are as diverse, unique and beautiful as you could possibly imagine. Feel free to browse our directory to find the perfect location or venue for your needs.

Castles & Unique Venues
Historic castles have become increasingly popular wedding locations in recent years, and England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales have no shortage of these venues to choose from. These magnificent castles, each rich in their own history, architectural style and furnishings, provide a beautiful backdrop to a wedding or commitment ceremony. Each has its own unique charm and many have beautiful landscaped gardens, acres of woodlands or breathtaking ocean views.
But it doesn’t end with castles. The UK has other unique or unusual venues for celebrations including, museums, zoos, forts, football clubs, historic or listed buildings and even lighthouses.

Catering & Banqueting Halls
An elegant Banqueting Suite is an ideal venue to celebrate a wedding with exquisite cuisine and perfect hospitality. Banqueting Halls, Wedding Halls and Reception Halls must be booked months in advance, and scouting is needed to find the perfect location for the event.

The Wedding Church
Locations for Weddings are the most important thing, in fact no wedding ceremony can take place without a location.
Some churches may have their Wedding Chapel dedicated to their church members only however there are many churches and chapels that offer up their wedding location for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Some wedding churches even offer in house wedding services such as wedding consultants, and decorations. Going to the chapel and were gonna get married!

Your Romantic Wedding should be in a romantic garden. A beautiful, lovingly cared for and tranquil English garden, botanical garden or water garden, is a perfect and very romantic location for a wedding.

Party Boats & Yacht Cruises
The United Kingdom has a rich nautical history and is a nation full of maritime events and attractions.
The types of Boats and Yachts that are available to hire or charter for parties and events are equally as diverse and colourful. Numerous Party River Boats can be hired for weddings, parties, hen and stag nights, corporate events and even team building days.
Luxury Yachts, Boats and Tall Ships of varying sizes and types, can be chartered privately for a day or even a whole weekend celebration at sea, embarking from many of the UK’s numerous coastal harbours and ports... Bon Voyage.

Temples & Synagogues