Your Cake Decorations

The only limit to cake decoration is your imagination. Cakes can be coloured to suit your colour scheme with flowers matching those in your bouquet, or can be designed to fit in with your theme; a castle can be created for a wedding with a medieval theme; a coral reef or shells and fish for a nautical theme. Your wedding cake is a great way to personalise your celebrations so get creative!

If fruitcake is not your choice there are lots of other types of cake available. Sponge is a good alternative and can be flavoured with chocolate, lemon or alcohol. If you would like a tiered cake remember you will probably need to have a fruitcake for the bottom tire to take the weight of the higher ones.

Alternatively go for a stacked sponge cake or opt for one of the alternative new cake stands. If you love chocolate then a rich and decadent Belgian chocolate cake frosted with smooth velvety ganache in white or dark Belgian chocolate is truly scrumptious decorated with fresh flowers with chocolate leaves and curls; it looks sensational.

You might consider serving your cake as a dessert accompanied with a fruit coulis, fresh fruit or ice-cream. A cheese cake can be decorated in the style of wedding cake or try a croqueembouche - a tower of profiterols accompanied by a rich chocolate sauce.

Order your cake as far in advance as possible especially if you want something out of the ordinary this will allow your finished cake to be truly sensational.