Does the guy have to pay for the ticket and transportation?

Traditionally, the guy would always pay for the ticket, limousine and photos. However, these days that is not always the case. Some dates go as friends, some split the price straight down the middle, and some believe the person who asks the other person to buy the ticket should pay. The decision is ultimately up to you and your date as to who pays what. Don’t assume that your date is automatically paying just because he asks you, especially if you decide to go just as friends. Some couples decide that they will each pay for their own ticket, but the guy will pay for the transportation. Some people follow the philosophy that whoever asks should cover all the costs. And there are some traditional people who believe the guy should pay no matter what. Realize that tickets are becoming more and more expensive, so some think it is common courtesy for the girl to at least offer to pay for her portion of the ticket. Whatever you decide make sure to talk it over with your date so that there are no surprises.