How can I make the checking in process quick and easy so guests aren’t waiting in line forever?

Checking people in as they enter the prom venue can be quite a long and frustrating process. Unfortunately there are some things you can’t really control. The best tip we can give is that you have multiple signs and people warning everyone to have their IDs ready before they reach the front of the line, that way people won’t be fumbling through their purses when they get to the front and holding up the rest of the line. Try to have at least 3-5 people at the front of the line checking IDs and divide the line up by last name. Give each checker a range of names (i.e. A-I for person 1 and J-P for person 2). A good way to make sure your checker people don’t get tired throughout the night is to set up 45 minute shifts for each helper so that they get some time to relax and talk to friends in between.