Should I rent or buy my dress?

There are several reasons why a lot of girls have chosen to rent their quinceanera dress instead of purchasing one. Renting a dress is a great way to save money on your event, while still looking beautiful. While many quinceanera dresses can average around $500, rented dresses start around $75. When you rent a dress you won’t have to feel guilty about spending hundreds of dollars on a dress you only wear once and that will probably just sit in your closet for years. On the other hand, buying a dress of your own is also nice because it is an important event and a dress can hold sentimental value. The other nice thing about buying your own dress is that you can alter it to fit your body perfectly which you can not do with a rented dress. The answer really depends on your priorities and if you are more concerned with your budget or finding a dress just for you that you will hold on to for forever.