What are some fun invitation ideas?

Invitations are an important aspect of any event because they are the first impression of your party your guests will receive, they’re informative and they encourage guests to attend. You should try to make invitations that go with the mood and theme of your party. For example if you’re throwing a Superhero themed party then you might want to have the invitations shaped like the Hulk’s fist or have a picture of Superman wearing a party hat on the front. If you’re party is not themed, some other invitation ideas include: photos of champagne flutes, bottles of wine and alcohol, a clock striking 12:00, fireworks, party poppers, party hats, a calendar, confetti, balloons, streamers, the ball dropping, and of course the upcoming year written in bold sparkly letters. Try to get creative with your invitations doing things like tossing confetti or mini plastic watches into the envelopes.