What are some games and activities guests can play?

Party games are a great way to keep the party interesting and break some of the ice. For family reunions, a lot of people may be meeting some family members for the first time so you’ll want everyone to get to know one another better. Some ways to do this is to play trivia games based on the people in your family. You can ask questions like “Which family member spent the night in Jail while on vacation in Italy?” You can also go around in a circle and have each member tell a story about themselves or about another family member. Other fun ideas include singing karaoke, having a talent show, and teaching the group a famous family recipe. There are several entertaining activities guests can do at a class reunion in order to loosen everyone up and have some laughs. One thing you can do is look back at all your Class’ “Most likely to…” winners and see where they’ve ended up now. You’ll probably be surprised by how much things have changed. One way to get guests to meet other guests is by putting everyone’s name tags in a hat before they arrive. Then have each person take one as they enter. The goal is to find the person whose name tag you have before the end of the night. You can also play trivia games about events that took place while you were in school together. For example, one question could be “What was the name of the 11th grade AP English teacher?” All your guests are sure to be struck by a mix of nostalgia and laughter.