What are some Halloween decorating ideas?

After dressing in costume, decorating your home for Halloween is probably one of the most fun aspects of the entire holiday. The list of decoration ideas is endless and it seems like every year people are coming up with even more spooky ideas. Some of the most classic ones include: hanging up spider webs, carving Jack o’ Lanterns, scattering fake giant spiders around, hanging up flying bats, life size glow up ghosts, setting up graveyards with tomb stones and coffins, and creating creepy specimen jars with fake eye balls and internal organs. Some less common, but equally freaky ideas we suggest include: making floating ghosts and pumpkins out of balloons, placing a pair of glowing eyes on your trees to make them look haunted, creating a giant spider out of stuffed trash bags, putting ghost faces on used milk gallons and lighting them up to create a ghost walkway, creating creepy centerpieces using rotten eggs, shrunken heads, snakes, and other scary creatures, creating a shadow or spooky silhouette out of black paper, covering candle holders with black Paper Mache for a darker ambiance, using a coffin as a table, putting silhouette curtains in the window that look as though someone is creeping from the inside, and placing fake mice all around the house.