What are some Halloween themed games and activities?

If you’re throwing a Halloween themed party, it’s usually a good idea to provide some type of activities or entertainment, especially if you’re hosting a Halloween party for children. You can plan some traditional Halloween activities such as carving Jack o’ Lanterns, bobbing for apples, a Halloween scavenger hunt, scary stories and a costume contest. You can also turn some classic party games into Halloween themed games like Halloween Bingo, Halloween scrabble, Pin the Tail on the Black Cat, Pass the Pumpkin (similar to Hot Potato), Ghost Story Telephone, Pumpkin Bowling and Ring Around the Pumpkin. Another fun game is known as Murder Wink in which one person is the murderer who kills others by winking at them. The victims must fall to the ground as soon as the killer winks at them. The object of the game is to figure out who the murderer is before you fall victim to his wink of death. Yet another fun Halloween game is called the Eyeball Hunt Game in which the object of the game is to pick out as many eyeballs out of a large pot of spaghetti with your eyes closed.