What are some tips to have a great party without spending a fortune?

Everyone should celebrate their sweet 16 no matter what their budget is. There are plenty of ways to save money when planning your party and we’ll show you how. Two of the easiest ways to save money, which we mentioned earlier, is to skip the DJ and the mailed out invitations. Instead, opt for a really great playlist with all your favorite songs and online invitations. Other ideas include: purchasing several disposable cameras for guests to take pictures with or using your own digital camera instead of hiring a professional photographer, baking your own cake or cupcakes instead of purchasing an expensive elaborate one that you won’t finish anyway, throwing your party at your home, a friend’s, or a public area like the park so you won’t have to pay to rent out a venue, cutting your guest list down so you can buy less food, drinks, and entertainment supplies, and purchasing all your party decorations, plates, and plastic ware at the dollar store. By using some of these simple tips, you can throw an amazing Sweet 16 party without breaking your wallet.