What are tips to staying organized and keeping track of everyone on the guest list?

Planning a reunion can be stressful but there are steps and tools you can use to stay organized. If you’re planning a High School reunion, you’ll want to start the search at least a year in advance with a crew of trusty alumni to help. You’ll also want to contact the school to see if you can get a list of your graduating class. If not you can use your yearbook as a source. Start by locating each guest through phone and email. Then keep a list of all the people whom you have contact information for and those whom you do not. As soon as you’ve picked out a date you can start sending out the “Save the Dates”. Remember that most people are most easily reachable through email and social networks so take advantage of that. You can create email chains, send out Evites or even create a Facebook group. Having some sort of invitation/RSVP system online will help keep you more organized while saving you time.