What fun activities or games are good for a baby shower?

There are plenty of fun things to do at a baby shower from arts and crafts to making a video to playing classic games with a baby shower twist. One fun game idea is Baby Shower Bingo, in which all the guests are given premade bingo cards with all the registered gifts on them. Guests mark their bingo sheet as Mommy-to-be opens each gift. Another game is called Which Famous Mommy am I? In this game each guest has a sign on her head or back of a famous Mom or one that all the guests know. Each person must ask Yes or No questions until they guess their Momma. One artistic activity is to have guests create a handmade wall hanging or felt board for the baby’s nursery. Other ideas include singing karaoke, playing Name that Baby tune, and taking a video with 30 seconds of each guest saying some encouraging words to the future Mommy and Daddy.