What kind of music should I play?

The type of music you play at your NYE party will depend on your budget and the atmosphere you are going for. If you can afford it then a DJ or live band is always a nice idea. If you’re going for a relaxed and sophisticated cocktail party setting then a live Jazz band will definitely do the trick. If you want to have more of a dance party where you can hear all your favorite songs from the year then you’re better off with a DJ who has every song at his disposal. If you can’t afford a DJ or band then you’ll want to compile a perfect playlist for your event. You’ll probably want to play some party jams and some of the biggest hits of the year. Try also theme songs or songs from the soundtracks of some of the most famous movies and TV shows of the year. You may also want to add songs that have to do with change and moving on from the past onto the future. Most of all you want to add songs you’re sure you and all your guests will enjoy the whole night.