Where should we hold the event?

There are dozens of venue options when it comes to throwing a corporate event. The main aspects you’ll need to consider when choosing your venue is the size of your guest list, your budget, and how much space you’ll need for accommodations such as a live band or other entertainment. If you’re just throwing a modest holiday party, then someone’s home or backyard should suffice. However, if you don’t want to have to worry about setting up all the tables and food yourself, you can choose to throw the event at a restaurant or hotel. Depending on the size and exclusivity of your event, you may also want some type of security to protect you from liability and ensure that no one who is not invited sneaks in. If these are concerns of yours then you’ll want to find a venue that provides a security team or allows you to being your own. Other factors to consider is whether you want the event to take place indoors or outdoors, if you need a stage, how much seating you’ll need, and if you prefer a venue that supplies caterers and bartenders or would rather hire your own. Some venue options include a banquet hall, a bar, the park, and the beach.