18th Century Vampires

18th Century Vampires party theme - thumbnail image

I just got back from the coolest Halloween party that I've ever been to. I recently moved to a new city, but I have already made a lot of friends at the solicitors firm I work for. I was invited to a Halloween party and happily accepted although I had no idea what to expect.

The invitation I received was sealed with a faux wax seal and tri-folded like an old fashioned letter. The text was written in beautiful ornate script and invited me to a fancy dress ball at a nearby 18th century Country House. It was to be a formal occasion and period dress was required as well as a RSVP.

I went a little overboard with the RSVP I sent back. I wrote it with a calligraphic pen I bought at a stationery shop near my office.

I made some enquiries with a local costume shop, who were renting to the party guests at a reduced rate, and I reserved a gorgeous green velvet coat, ruffled shirt, knee length pants, silk stockings and black shoes with gold buckles. I topped the effect with an 18th century men's white wig.

When I arrived at the Country House I found it strange that there was a line of people waiting outside. For some reason they were only allowing the guests to enter a few at a time. No one had heard of such of a thing before, but fortunately we weren't kept waiting long before we were led in by a man dressed in 18th century servant's clothes.

The guests who were already there were very (and rather overly) friendly to the newcomers. One of the women who came up to me was extremely beautiful. She was named Sylvia. I did notice all the guests, except those who had just arrived, had pale white make up on…slightly strange.

A string quartet played some 18th century waltzes while the guests chatted. I saw some of my co-workers, but I was temporarily more interested in Sylvia. All of a sudden, the music changed tempo and became almost discordant. The guests were suddenly bathed in red light and everyone around me grimaced revealing their fangs! They grabbed my arms and legs before I could react and carried me into another room making fierce snarling noises that drowned out most of my shrieks and protests. I was placed on a Louis the XIV couch and one of them carried over an ornate box. I had no idea what was inside - a sacrificial knife perhaps? I was very relieved when all they took out a set of fake vampire teeth and some white makeup, which two of the women put on me.

After all the new guests had been turned into 'vampires', everyone returned to the ballroom and the next set of victims were let in. Now, I understood why everyone was so eager to talk to the new guests! It was an excellent vehicle for a party ice breaker. I wanted to talk to Sylvia again, but then I saw a new guest named Janet- and she became my first victim.

After everyone had arrived, group pictures were taken and shortly after dinner was served. For the more ravenous, there was almost rare steak, turkey legs and liver and onions and, of course, plenty of red blood wine. There was also baked brie with French bread and baked potatoes with sour cream and chives. About 80 guests were seated at a huge banquet table in the dining room.

After dinner, the men gathered in the drawing room for cigars and cognac. While the women gathered for tea and cake in the sitting room.

Half an hour later everyone returned to the ballroom for waltzing. I danced with both Sylvia and Janet. The party went until late in the evening and not only did everyone have a fantastic time, but this was the, most successful office Halloween party. Everyone says they probably out do this one next year, and I can hardly wait.