Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland party theme - thumbnail image

Every Easter Sunday, following the church service, my family and friends gather at my Grandma's house for an Easter party. Each year the party has a different theme, but there would always be food, games and an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

This year, my cousins answered the door dressed as the Mad Hatter and Alice from Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland. They lead us to the back garden where the party was underway. Next to the buffet table were cut-outs of the Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit. There were a few other guests sitting at the tables under a white tent, eating brunch. My dad handed plates to my brother and I and then our parents got in line behind us. The buffet had everything: Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, fruit, waffles, pancakes and sliced strawberries, muffins, bagels, cold cuts, a range of cheeses, potato salad and fresh bread rolls. The tables were covered in pastel linens of every shade and the centrepiece on each depicted other characters or things from the story. The centrepiece on our table was a pink flamingo.

After brunch, Grandma called all the children over to the cut-out of the White Rabbit to explain the rules for the Easter egg hunt. She gave a straw basket to each child with a different coloured bow tied to the handle. The rules were simple: We were only to pick up eggs matching the colour of our ribbon so everyone was sure to get their share and parents could only help their kids find the eggs if the child was under six years old. Once everyone understood the rules we ran off to find the eggs. My colour was purple and I found lots of hard-boiled eggs in this colour, but also some plastic eggs filled with sweets, small toys and even money! One dad videotaped the hunt while my mum and several other parents took lots of pictures of all the kids having a great time. No one felt left out, not even my littlest cousin, Jeremy.

After the egg hunt, a colourfully dressed clown entertained the children, painted their faces to look like animals and made amazing and gigantic bubbles for us to chase and pop. She was a lot of fun. The grown-ups had fun watching us or playing a game of croquette on the lawn. My mum won a prize playing croquette! Of all Grandma's Easter parties I liked this one best and hope next years is as much fun as this one was.