Aliens party theme - thumbnail image

I am a big fan of the T.V. show "The X-Files" so I decided an alien theme would be a perfect theme for my twenty-first birthday party.

I sent an invitation to each of my small group of friends, including Ralph, my boyfriend. It had a picture of a flying saucer shining a light down on a house on the outside. Inside were the details of date, time, location and instructions to bring swim suits.

I decorated the hot tub gazebo, where most of the party was going to take place. I glued paper plates together and covered them with tin foil to make my own flying saucers. I hung them from the top of the gazebo with fishing line.

At the party shop I picked up some cute alien theme paper plates, cups and napkin sets and a paper table cloth as well as some alien theme crepe paper to decorate the patio furniture and porch. I bought a few plastic glow-in-the-dark Aliens I found in a novelty shop and put one in each of the guests' chairs. My mum started teasing me that she thought I was trying to bait the aliens into abducting me.

Next to the hot tub was a small table with bowls of snacks. My Mum didn't want any glass near the hot tub so I bought a bunch of plastic glasses when a bought a crate of wine. I also had a bottle of champagne for after dinner. I didn't want to be bothered with the hassle of cooking (or washing up) so I had ordered a delicious dinner of duck in orange sauce, spicy shrimp, chicken chow mein, mixed vegetables, fried rice and spring rolls from a local Chinese restaurant.

I got into the hot tub, relaxed and waited for my parents to send my guests into the back yard. It wasn't long until people started arriving. Everyone thought my decorating was very original. When Ralph arrived he and I snuggled close with a glass of wine. We chatted and nibbled on the snacks until the food arrived. Everyone laughed when they saw the alien theme tablecloth and one of the girls screamed when she saw the little glowing alien in her chair. Everyone thought they were terrific party favours.

After dinner, Ralph opened the champagne and we toasted my 21st birthday. Since there were equal numbers of boys and girls, Betty suggested we play a game of Truth or Dare. It was a pretty tame game until Betty took a dare and Bill dared her to run out in the street naked. Betty, who had a little too much to drink, stuck her tongue out at Bill and he said, "Don't stick it out unless you are planning to use it." While everyone was laughing I snapped a picture of Betty's tongue sticking out and Bill trying to grab it. That was the end of the game of Truth or Dare. I suggested playing some other regular games, but everyone was more interested in getting back into the hot tub.

We all talked for a while then my mum and dad brought out a huge birthday cake decorated with little green aliens beautifully crafted out of sugar. By the glow I could tell they put twenty-one candles on the cake. It looked like a forest fire! How embarrassing, but everyone thought the cake looked really cool. I blew out the candles and Ralph gave me a big birthday kiss. I was glad I spent my 21st birthday with him and the rest of my friends.