Audrey Hepburn

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My friend, Suzie's bridal shower was marvelous! She loves everything about Audrey Hepburn. she's going to have her hair and make-up done just like Audrey's on her wedding day. Of course, Audrey Hepburn was the theme of her bridal shower.

The invitaiton had a still from the movie "Breakfast At Tiffany's" on the cover. Inside was all the party information: Location, date and time.

When I arrived Suzie answered the door. Her hair and make-up were done just like Audrey's "Breakfast at Tiffany's". She looked stunning in the tiny black spaghetti strap dress she was wearing. Four other guests sat in chairs and were getting make-overs of their own. She smiled and told me I was next. I picked my favorite Audrey Hepburn character and the make-up artists would make me up to look like her. I chose Eliza Doolittle from "My Fair Lady" Not only is it my favorite movie of all time, but Audrey looks so fabulous.

After Sheila was done, it was my turn. I sat in the chair and they did me up--tiara and all. I felt like a million dollars. A photographer took portraits of us in costume. It was so strange. I looked so different.

When the make-up people left everyone sat down for tea, crumpets and scones with fruit, cream and jam. They were delicious. The girls encouraged me talk with a cockney accent the way my character did in the movie "My Fair Lady". I got so into the accent that I pracitacally forgot to talk in my normal voice.

Next, we drank wine and played Audrey Hepburn charades. The categories were movies, co-stars, husbands, awards and her personal history. The game was a real challenge. I found out I didn't know as much as I thought I did about Miss Audrey Hepburn. The game was still lots of fun. The more tipsy we became the sillier everyone got. In fact, Suzy almost peed her pants at Sheila's imitation of Humphrey Bogart from "Sabrina".

When Sheila opened her presents she started getting emotional so everyone was passing around the box of tissues.

After presents, we sat around eating popcorn, drinking wine and watching "My Fair Lady" and "Funny Face". it was a terrific shower and everyone had such a great time.

I had such a marvelous time that I forgot about my make-up. My husband, Frank, looked at me with an
expression I hadn't seen in a long time. Before he could say a thing I said, "Thank you". I think should dress up like Audrey more often!