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I Recently Celebrated my 30th Birthday. And what a night it was.

I’ve been a die-hard live music lover for as long as I can rememer and secretly always wanted to star in a Band. Everybody I knew shared this secret ambition. Now we were lawyers and accountants, but our hearts still lay in the band mentality and I think privately we all still craved the stage and spotlights. Thus my 30th needed to be the best party ever and encapsulate this nostalgia. I started to think hard. Obviously music was going to be key. It had to be hugely entertaining, fun and allow us to relive our youths.

I started to look for great covers bands but then I found this incredible band called OFF THE RECORD. OFF THE RECORD were a Bandeoke Band. This was first time I’d ever heard of the idea of Bandeoke but then suddenly the idea hit home. This was going to be amazing - Karaoke but with an awesome live Rock n Roll Band where we were the singers.

They had all the best songs in their repertoire from The Beatles to Bon Jovi and most amazing of all was that we were to be on stage with them. YES – all of our dreams would come true. This was our chance to act out our fantasy and take to the stage as the lead singers of a powerhouse rock n roll band. I chose to sing Guns n Roses, ACDC, Kings Of Leon and The Killers. And with over 250 songs to chose from I could’ve gone on all night. It was incredible. The rush was intense as the first chords were played. I felt empowered and I know everybody else did too. We were rocking the mic, pulling out all the air guitar moves and singing our hearts out. Everybody loved it, the photos and video really proved it. None of us are expecting a record deal or appearances on MTV but we had done it. Sung my favourite songs live on stage with a band. I was King.

For extra effect and added fun we all dressed up for the party. Leathers, Wigs, Chains, Blow up Guitars etc. From the minute OFF THE RECORD came on the party went wild. This was our Gig. My 30th turned into an incredible Rock n Roll Party. They also did some songs on their own, to show us how it was done. Amazing musicianship, Rock n Roll antics and great for a celebration I can’t wait to have OFF THE RECORD for another Party. It’s pretty much the most fun me and my friends’ have ever had.

Article by: Patrick

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