Beauty and the Beast

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My husband surprised me by just how romantic he could be on our fifth anniversary.

I was working on the actual day of our anniversary, but I expected we would be celebrating that weekend. A basket of flowers arrived at my desk at work. The note card attached to the handle read, "Happy Anniversary, Beauty.' β€œIt was signed, "I love you, Arnold." As I smelled the flowers I saw a miniature book hidden among the blooms. It was a copy of "Beauty and the Beast". I pulled it out wondering if it had been put there on purpose or mistake.

I didn't suspect Arnold was busy preparing a surprise so the day went by as usual. At five, I took the basket home, but I had completely forgotten about the little book.

When I arrived home I nearly dropped the basket in shock when I saw what Arnold had been up to. It was incredible! Arnold had taken all the furniture out the living room and turned it into a ballroom. Our white curtains had been replaced by gold damask ones and the ceiling fan had been replaced by a chandelier. A portable dance floor covered the carpet in the centre of the room. I called out to Arnold, but he was nowhere to be found so I went upstairs to look for him.

A few things had changed in the bedroom too. There was a three-panel mirror in an antique wood frame. In front of the mirror was a purple velvet settee on which was draped a gorgeous, gold brocade, 18th century ball gown. The dress was a perfect fit. I put my hair up and did my make-up. I could hardly wait to find Arnold.

I searched upstairs, but he wasn't there. I heard music. Downstairs a waltz was playing so I went back to the living room. At the foot of the stairs was Arnold. He was wearing a 18th century royal blue coat with gold braid trim and gold fringe on the shoulders, matching pants and a white shirt with lace at the throat. He was also wearing a "Beast" mask. I laughed as I realised the meaning of the little book I had found in the basket bouquet. He took of the mask, smiled and walked over to me. Then he kissed my cheek, whispering, "Happy anniversary", He raised his hand gallantly and led me to a cushioned stool and I sat while he stood beside me taking on a regal air. He had set up his camera on a tripod so he could take a photo of us together as "Beauty and the Beast". Then he whisked me around the dance floor to several waltzes. I felt so happy in his arms.

When we were both thoroughly out of breath he led me from the dance floor to the table set for two. It had a single white candle and a single red rose in a crystal vase. Dinner was already waiting beneath the covers on our plates. He pulled out my chair and seated me first. He took his place at the other side of the table and poured champagne into the same crystal flutes we used at our wedding. We toasted to our first five years together with many more to come.

After we ate, we talked then danced some more. It was so romantic. I could have danced all night like that, just the two of us. It's a night I'll always remember!