George of the Jungle

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My husband Eric is a little bit of a klutz. The kids and I wanted to make this Father's Day special, but still poke a little fun at him at the same time. He's got a wonderful sense of humour, thank goodness!

Eric's favourite film is "George of the Jungle". Perhaps it is because he really identifies with the main character. I found the slapstick a little over done, but George did remind me a little of Eric.

This Father's Day Party was very simple really. The whole family spent the day at the water park a little over an hour away. Eric wore a pair of leopard print swim trunks I bought for him. Everyone had fun sliding down the water slides, swinging from ropes and running across rope bridges without falling to the water below. Eric wasn't the only one who ended up tumbling into the pools over and over. I made sure to record all the good stuff with my video camera.

We stopped at the miniature golf course on the way back from the water park. Eric may be klutzy, but he's a great golfer. He got a hole in one three times in a row. He beat us all, hands down. After the game we all had pizza at the snack bar.

When we got home I served the birthday cake. I had the bakery decorate it with a picture of the cartoon George of the Jungle. After everyone finished their cake, the kids gave him the drawings they had made of special memories with him for Father's Day. Sarah's was a caricature of her Dad calling for help when his horse ran away with him on her birthday pony ride and Terry drew a picture of his Dad falling out of the boat when they went fishing in the Lake District last summer. They had both taken their time, colouring them in with felt tips. They came out so good I also had them framed. Eric and I drank a few glasses of wine while we watched the film "George of the Jungle".

After the film, I gave Eric my own special present, but he had to put on his jungle swim suit again. I changed into a leopard print outfit of my own.

I organised pictures and put them into an album so Eric and the entire family could see them. I don't think anyone could look through it and keep a straight face. It was a Father's Day to remember.