New Year's in New York

New Year's in New York party theme - thumbnail image

Every New Years, since our marriage, my husband and I stayed home and had a quiet celebration, but in early December, I received an invitation to a party being held by one of the lawyers in the firm I worked for. On the cover was a black silhouette of a cityscape and a silver moon behind. At the top was written, “Start Spreading the news…”. Inside was an invitation to attend “New Years in New York” New Year's Eve party. Below were details of time, location and note that attire was black-tie. My husband would not mind renting a tuxedo, but the party sounded sophisticated and fun. I could hardly wait

When we arrived at the restaurant a valet came to take the car and we went inside. The first thing I saw when we entered the banquet room was the cityscape backdrop behind the band. There must have been a hundred pieces of white ribbon hanging from the black and silver helium balloons floating against the ceiling.

Lots of couples were dancing on the dance floor to a variety of styles of music, from rock, to show tunes. My husband and I went over to the buffet table and filled our plates with finger foods. My husband got a glass of wine for me, and a Manhattan martini for himself from the portable bar in the corner of the room. The tables were covered in black linens with ingenious centerpieces made from clear bottles with strips black mylar and silver star garland stuffed in the neck of the bottle.

A photographer wandered among the guests snapping candid pictures of the guests. A magician strolled from table to table doing some amazing close up illusions.

After eating we got up and danced then mingled with the guests then danced to a few more songs over and over until midnight. We toasted the New Year with Champaign and everyone sang to the song “New York New York”. We had such a good time we did not get home until two in the morning! It was the best party either of us had been to in a long while and a perfect way to spend New Years.