Oxygen Bar

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The Oxygen Bar was the absolute hit of our wedding!!! Well…maybe taking second to the very expensive wedding band we hired who had everybody dancing all night .But I'll tell you, when people weren't dancing, the first thing they did was go right to the Oxygen Bar. The majority of my guests didn't even know what an Oxygen Bar is, let alone actually seen one. Guests kept hovering around the lighted Oxygen Bar, attracted to it like moths to a light, as if at first unsure if they wanted to try it or not. My guests kept commenting that it seemed so intriguing, but was it perfectly safe ?, What did it do? Why was it good ? What was the use of breathing pure oxygen? What was it that made it smell so good? However, when our guests saw the Bride and Groom come off the dance floor for their own session at the Oxygen Bar, the floodgates opened, and the guests were lined up in droves for their turn to try it. Everyone kept commenting how great it made them feel.

When I told my family I wanted to rent an Oxygen Bar for my wedding they were just short of appauled! Why would I consider having an Oxygen Bar (something with roots in the Night Club industry) at my Wedding? They felt it would be gaudy and superfluous and highly inappropriate at an event like a Wedding, which clearly demands elegance.

I told my parents to stop being too highbrow and I was adamant I wanted to rent an O2 Bar, telling them I had seen it at my friends Anniversary Party and it went down really well and really helped keep the guests energised and able to enjoy the reception that much more. Eventually they just threw up their hands saying, "Whatever makes the Bride happy is okay". I'm glad they relented to giving the Bride what she wanted, because by the end of the reception I practically had to pry my parents off the Oxygen Bar with a crowbar. They kept going back for more and more sessions, saying the pure Oxygen made them feel like they had shed more than just a few years, as it gave them so much more energy and focus.

It's funny because the reason we got it in the first place was for the kids. So many kids want something, anything that will make them feel good, and the 93% pure oxygen does just that, and of course it's all natural and perfectly safe. It gives you a natural and 100% safe high! Sure all the kids used our Oxygen Bar and liked it, but I think the adults actually enjoyed it more, especially appreciating the different types of aromatherapy scents the bar had to offer. The company that provided our Oxygen Bar, offers different customisable Aromas ranging from sweet to musky and everything in between.

All in all I would say that hiring an Oxygen Bar for your wedding will definitely spice up your reception in more ways than one.