Sex and the City

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For all you women out there wanting to do something special for your husband on your ten year anniversary, let me share with you the evening I had with my hubby, Greg. It was romantic, fun, and unforgettable.

When you get right down to it, there are just a few things men really like: food, sports, cars, and sex (in no particular order). So I thought I would combine all of these and give my husband an anniversary gift I hoped would really please him. I planned the night for the Saturday evening a week before our actual anniversary date, just in case Greg had something up his sleeve that he wasn't sharing (I say I hate surprises, but I really do like them – it's one of those 'can't you read my mind' things).

At around three o'clock I took our kids over to my parent's house. When I got back home about half an hour later, I told my husband he needed to shower, shave, and dress for a night on the town with me. I needed a shower too and since there were no kids at home we killed two birds with one stone. It was a great way to start the date. I had bought a new dress to wear. It was short with spaghetti straps and a little tighter than I would normally wear, but my Greg was very pleased and after all this night was a gift for him. At 4:30 there was a knock on our door and I said it was time to go.

A black stretch limousine was waiting on the street outside our house. The chauffeur greeted us and introduced himself, then opened the rear door and in we went. The inside was lit with tiny white lights around the perimeter and there was a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket. Greg planted a kiss on my lips and said this was a great surprise. The night is just beginning I told him, and planted one back on him. He said the dress would have been enough. I smiled and asked the driver to put up the partition. I had prearranged where we would be going so I knew we had some time. We spent the time well. Boy was I off to a good start – check off the car (limo) and sex (only half a check, we'd be in the limo a lot) and it wasn't even five o'clock yet.

The limo took us into the city. Bright lights, tall buildings, people on the streets, and cars in traffic greeted us. We don't get to the city very often so we really took it all in, enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells. The limousine came to a stop in front of a restaurant with tall glass windows, topiaries on either side of the expansive brown front door, and a dazzling marquee with the restaurant name. Our driver came around and opened the door for us. He said he would return at 7:30 to retrieve us.

The restaurant was dark and romantic and we had a small table for two in the corner near the fireplace (thank goodness, I was a little chilly in my dress). I chose this establishment because a friend had raved about how good the steaks were. I told Greg I would be ordering for him and selected the filet mignon for his entrée and split pea soup for his appetizer (two of his favourites). I had the halibut and a salad to start. For dessert we shared a crème brulee and flourless chocolate cake. My dress felt a little tighter as we got up to leave but everything had been oh so good (check off food).

We had about 20 minutes before the limo would be back so we walked a little in the city. It was invigorating hearing the hustle and bustle of cars and people and we enjoyed being out of our usual surroundings. It was also good to walk off some of the delicious food we'd just devoured.

The limousine was waiting when we turned the corner and we decided now would be a good time to toast each other. The driver took his seat and Greg popped the bubbly. On the short drive to our next destination we raised our glasses and toasted our 10 wonderful years together. We did a few other things too, but I knew our time was limited so kept it fairly innocent. When the car stopped Greg couldn't believe his eyes. We were at the football stadium to take in a football game. I was able to get good seats from a friend of a friend, and it was the first time we'd been to watch our city's team play. We screamed and cheered and had a great time, (check off sports) and our team won.

We felt really important getting back into the limo after the game and enjoyed being whisked away without having to fight traffic. Greg asked the driver to raise the partition for the drive home and just the way he looked at me got me hot and bothered. Needless to say, the trip home was the best ride I've ever taken.

Once home, Greg thanked me for an incredible evening. After ten years together we were able to accomplish some firsts and enjoy our own version of sex and the city.