Sleeping Beauty

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in a month, my friend, Janice, is due to have a baby. So seven of her friends decided to have a baby shower for her. We wanted to make it different from the usual baby shower. We decided to make the theme Janice's favorite Disney movie, 'Sleeping Beauty'. It was incredible!

We decided she shower would be a surprise. My house was chosen as the location as it was the most centrally located. Everyone pitched in to decorate. We twisted strands of lavender and pink crepe paper together and hung them around the perimeter of the room as a border. We bought all kinds of cute Sleeping Beauty themed favors at the party store.

We couldn't find any pictures of the three fairies from the movie that were the right size. So, we hired Joan's son, Sam, a twenty year-old artist, to make full color cut outs on poster board we could hang from the ceiling. They turned out beautifully. Sam was really pleased with them, too, and he's such a perfectionist he's almost never happy with his own work.

Joan picked Janice and told her the three of us were of going shopping. She never suspected a thing when they pulled up to my house. Joan even honked her car horn and pretended to be annoyed when I didn't come to meet them. She told Janice they should go in and find out what was keeping me. Martha got her video camera ready after she heard Joan's horn and caught Janice's surprised reaction when she came in the door and saw the decorations and all her friends. She was nearly in tears at all the work we had done, but actually almost anything was making her cry. Everyone sat down in the living room and I brought tea and scones with raspberry jam on a silver tray. I set it on the coffee table infront of Janice.

While we ate, Sam read "Sleeping Beauty". He was very animated and acted out all the characters. After he was finished I poured champagne for everyone except Janice. I had sparkling cider to fill her glass. Janice opened her all her gifts and especially loved the custom gift basket that we ordered that went along with our theme. Joan gave her a dream pillow for the baby. It was so beautiful. I think she made it herself, but she said she didn't. I gave her a Sleeping Beauty musical mobile to hang above the baby's crib.

Three little people arrived dressed as the three fairies and each waved their wands over Janice's belly and bestowed her unborn child with grace, charm and beauty. The photographer took pictures of the fairies waving their wands and of each of us had our
pictures taken with them. They turned so good Janice had them framed and sent to each guest.

After the fairies left, we played Gin Rummy. I don't know how, but pregnacy must give you some sort of advantage at cards, because Janice won every single game.

All eight of us Sleeping Beauty. Of course, Janice started crying again when Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger and a few of us joined in. We went through an entire box of tissue.

After the movie, Janice was exhausted, so Joan and I took her home.