Snake Wedding

Snake Wedding party theme - thumbnail image

I had a wedding for my pet rosy boas.

Rosy boas are smaller than regular boas and only grow to be about fourteen inches long and maybe 3/4 inch in diameter. I named them, Holly and Sleestack, after characters in the TV show, "The Land of the Lost". It was my favorite show on TV when I was growing up. When Holly became pregnant, my boyfriend Jake and I decided to have a wedding for the two of them.

We invited a few friends over turned it into a party of it. I baked a cake and decorated it with with dinosaur shaped candy sprinkles on top. We had snacks and drinks for everyone. We bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate after the ceremony.

I made a miniature veil and tried to put it on Holly, but didn't cooperate. She kept on sliding through it. I thought she was getting annoyed so I stopped trying and left them naked.

I decorated the decorated the aquarium with white crepe paper and set up a mini altar. I even attached a few plastic jewels to the side of the aquarium so it looked like a Sleestack hide out. It looked very cool!
Jake acted as the minister and performed the wedding ceremony while I took the wedding photos.

After the ceremony, I served the cake and Jake gave a mouse to each of the snakes. Everyone toasted to their happiness with Champagne.

After the wedding we decided to watch some old episodes of, "Land of the Lost" that I had on tape. We all laughed and had a really great time.

Jake brought Holly and Sleestack out into the living room while we watched TV. Usually they are a bit tempermental, but they were being friendly to everyone.

Later, I developed the photos and discovered I managed to get a picture of the two snakes in together at the altar. I had it framed and hung it above their aquarium.