The Pirates of Penzance

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My brother Scott wanted to have a very private Stag Party with his mates, so he decided that a group of us would head to the Cornish coast for a few days for a 'boys only' weekend. We booked ourselves one night in a local B & B and hired a local yacht so we could really "do our own thing" uninterrupted!

Our yacht left Penzance harbour in the early afternoon with eight guys and a female stripper that all of us chipped in to hire for Scott.

We had everything we needed for the evening -- CDs, lots of wine and beer, soft drinks and ice, and barbecued beef sandwiches, hot dogs, potato salad, as well as crisps, dips, salsa and spicy peppers.

The party was on as soon as we were a mile from shore. The stripper put on her music and started peeling off her costume for us and eventually was wearing nothing but a g-string. Everyone was drinking and having a good time.

We had no idea our girlfriends had planned a surprise of their own and had chartered a speed boat. They all wore bikinis and pirate hats and a flew a Jolly Roger flag. They had picked up some cream puffs and éclairs from the bakery, a blindfold and some silk rope. They had a good idea of where to find us, but it turned out to be a little harder than they thought and as the sun was setting some of them were getting scared. Just as they were thinking about returning to shore, my girlfriend Sandy, spotted our yacht through her binoculars.

First they showed off by circling the yacht twice in their speed boat then pulled up beside us announcing they were "The Pirates of Penzance" and they were boarding us. Well, we didn't know whether we were happy or disappointed by their arrival, but we knew they had a plan in mind!

Sandy switched on the stereo and the soundtrack of, "Treasure Island" started playing. The Captain took video of all the action as the girls climbed aboard, captured the groom to be and tied him in one of the swivel chairs. They blindfolded him and threatened to smash cream puffs and eclairs in his face until we knelt and begged their forgiveness for partying without them. Some of us refused just so we could see Scott take a cream puff in the face. What a mess! It was hilarious! Even the stripper was laughing. Eventually we all gave in to their demands, Scott was freed and everyone partied together on the yacht.

Two months later, everyone got together to watch the video of the "Pirates of Penzance" capturing our yacht, tying Scott up and smashing a cream puff in his face. It was hysterical.