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My husband Frank and I were born in different years, but only two days apart. We both love the T.V. show "The X-Files" so we decided to have a joint party celebrating our birthdays using the T.V. show as the theme.

The invitations were made to look like fake government documents. Each was sealed in a manila envelope labeled "TOP SECRET" stamped in red ink. Inside all the text had been censored with black ink and the only text remaining were the details for our party. We stuck sticky notes on each that read, "Urgent: Come to our thirtieth birthday party. Our lives depend on it." The note was signed, "Scully and Mulder".

Frank decorated the walls of our house with strange pictures of aliens and alien craft that he had down loaded from the internet. The idea was to make the place look like Scully and Mulder's headquarters. He moved our desks from the office and put them together in the centre of the living room. He made name plates for each of the desks and decorated them with the kinds of things each might have on their desk. Scully's was neat and orderly, but Mulder's was cluttered and untidy. He hung a banner over the desks that read, "The Truth Is Out There".

Frank used electrical tape to make a body outline on the carpet in front of the food table. I made lots of finger food and also brought some Chinese take away, fast food chicken and pizzas, in honour of the usual food Scully and Mulder lived on while on a case. There was also a wide variety of beverages: Coffee, soft drinks, several kinds of juice, beer and wines. Frank even took the blender down from the top shelf and would be mixing up some of his special margaritas. This time he we added a bit of bright green food dye to make them look fluorescent. We called them nuclear margaritas.

We set up a rented big screen to play taped episodes of the X Files. Frank put a CD of music from the series on the stereo and then he went to get changed into his Mulder costume. After he was ready I got changed into a dark blue pantsuit and a red wig. We both carried toy guns in our shoulder holsters and FBI badges with Scully and Mulder's names. Everyone thought we looked the part and took loads of pictures of us.

People started to show up in ones and twos and most of them headed straight to the food and drinks. Frank's nuclear margaritas were a big hit.

After The X-Files music CD had gone through a few times, Frank put in some techno music and people started dancing. I pretended to be Scully and put on a serious face as I took pictures of our friends having a good time.

Later, Frank brought out the cake. It was decorated like a flying saucer crash site. There was a deep gouge in the frosting "ground" and a little, silver edible flying saucer nearly buried at the end. It was quite ingenious. Everyone sang "Happy birthday" and I cut the cake. Almost everyone sat down to watch the "Best of The X-Files" tape that Frank had compiled from our collection. We all enjoyed seeing our favourite old episodes. Some a few of the guests had never seen.

People wished us happy birthday and thanked us for putting on such a great party as they were leaving. Most of the guests went home around 1a.m. but a few crashed in our guest room and on our living room couch. Frank and I had so much fun we wonder if anyone would mind if we had the same theme for our party next year.