Casino Night

Casino Night party theme - thumbnail image

"Small groups of guests organize and make up acts or performance numbers- (like a talent show) or Hire professionals to entertain (this is optional, a Casino Party can be without performances) "

Event Types

"Engagement, Bachelor, Bachelorette, Corporate Event "

Age Groups

"Retirement, Engagement, Bachelor, Bachelorette, Work/Company Event, Singles mixer "


"Use very large room or multiple rooms (each for a different activity) in a home or rent a hall. Tables for gambling in center of room: Card tables, keno, poker, Roulette, dice, Scrabble, Mash Jog, Cards, Crosswords, Computer Games, Slot Machines etc. Tables of 4 for Card Games. Show movie ""Oceans Eleven” Board Games. Basket to toss the dice."


"Tables for gambling in center of room: Card tables, keno, poker, Roulette, dice, etc. Show movie ""Oceans Eleven” Lots of bright lights Noise Colorful Decorations i.e. balloons, banners, streamers overhead, etc. Posters of Las Vegas Around the room. home a playing chip with their names on it as well as a piece of fine stemware with embossing on it memorializing the event Winning performers get a Free trip to L.V. "

Dress code

"Dress can be elegant or “smart casual” Dancing "


At the beginning of the party Frank Sinatra, Rat Pack music, Michael Bubble and Jazz. Evening music could be dance music, or themed Vegas artist such as Neil Diamond, Celine Dion, Elton John and Elvis. In the evening time a DJ can also be used to play the top 100 songs for dancing.


"Food: All kinds of drinks Finger foods to walk around with- Fancy desserts late in the evening Food served from rolling carts by roving waitresses- Can do a sit down dinner in another room or area at a specified time "


"Waiters bring food around to guests Late evening, guests go to formal dinner in a specially designated area. Board games. Bingo, Scrabble, Mash Jog, Cards, Crossword, etc. computer games, slot machines"