Corporate Event Laser Show

Corporate Event Laser Show party theme - thumbnail image

I attended a corporate event where all the information about the company was integrated with special effects in such a way the attendees were entertained as well as informed.

Normally annual sales meetings are very standard and very dry. There's the awards show, break out sessions and sales strategy discussions. This year things were different and they were unveiling a new corporate logo. The first thing to change was the way the entrance was decorated to suggest floating through the clouds. There was video scaping on the walls and looked like fantastic images of clouds moving across the sky. The floor of the welcome area was shrouded in a thick layer of low lying fog giving the illusion everyone was standing on a cloud.

The stage in the main room, was hidden by a large wall of balloons. Lights came on when the music started, the balloons were lit by moving lights appearing to change color and texture as the lights moved behind them.

When the music peaked - blamm!, the balloon wall exploded and our new logo was lit up with a pyrotechnic display. Colored lasers shone through the air in time to the music. As the song ended, the laser beams created a floating ceiling effect that was broken as the CEO walked on to the stage. What an entrance! The CEO looked bigger than life back lit by those amazing lasers, The audience was so amazed by such a spectacular opening that we hung on his every word!

The CEO and several motivational speakers gave their usual speeches. One of the professional speakers was given the job of giving us the statistics and features of the newest product that were going to start selling. He used key words and phrases designed for us to use as ammunition for our sales pitches. He ended his speech with the line, "This is your mission if you choose to accept it". The words "Mission Possible" appeared on the video screen behind him.

The entire room went black and we were then treated to the most amazing show I have ever witnessed! It started with a laser show set to the Mission Impossible theme music with the graphic "Mission Possible" starting the show. Laser graphics, a combination of colorful abstracts and animation relevant to our company,floated in the air at the front of the stage.

The laser companyincorporated all of the key words and phrases that the professional speakers emphasized their speeches. Meanwhile the room was brought to life with laser beams that created dazzling effects around the room. Towards the end of the show, the important points were emphasized with bursts of fireworks. The laser show was seamlessly integrated with these fantastic pyro effects creating an amazing experience. This show injected energy and excitement into what would have been just another boring break out sessions.

The awards ceremony was more amazing than ever. The addition of laser beams and some pyro made the awards seem so much more prestigious ! The biggest award was enhanced by a cascade of confetti streamers and smaller pieces of fluttering confetti.

The finale was another spectacular laser show that summarized everything we had learned. It was so entertaining that the guests were barely aware its purpose was to stress key points that the CEO and motivational speakers had been talking about all during the conference. After that, we watched a custom video presentation that not only was motivational, but was entertaining. There were shots candid shots taken by the photographer took of events that had gone on during the conference other than attend meetings--like our CEO's golf day and the night time parties in the hotel lounge. These were dispersed throughout the video and tied the entire event together leaving us with a good feeling.

All in all I would have to say that this was the greatest conference that I ever attended. We were educated, motivated, and entertained. The event taught us a great deal about the products we would be selling, but also made us feel good about the company we worked for!