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About two weeks ago, I received a small package in the post. Inside was disco ball ornament. I could see a line around the equator of the ball, so I pulled the hemispheres apart to see what was in it. Inside was a business card invitation from my friend Lily. On it was printed, "Get ready to boogie" and the party details for her 50th birthday bash, including instructions to wear 70's style costumes (platforms optional). I could hardly wait. Every Friday night when Lily and I were about 19 years old, we went to all the disco clubs. I thought it was a terrific way to celebrate her fiftieth!

I went to my attic and took down the trunk where I kept some of my greatest 'disco days' outfits. My favourite was a purple and pink chiffon body suit with ruffles down the front. It was very Donnie and Marie, but I couldn't fit in it to save my life. I had to take a trip to costume shop where I picked out something that fit much better. It was a silver and gold pantsuit with a white ruffled shirt underneath. I spent an hour teasing my hair and applying a ton of hairspray to get just the right look. I put on some powder blue eye shadow and put on a heavy application of black eye-liner. I think my outfit was somewhere in-between the late 70's and the early 80's, but I didn't think anyone would really care.

Lily's answered the door in red satin bellbottoms and a black satin tie top with red sparkling platforms. I remembered the outfit. She looked fabulous, and looked like she hadn't gained an ounce since the seventies. I could just kill her! She loved the custom gift basket of 70's novelty items I presented to her.

The decorations inside the house were really great. Lily had made ample room for the dance floor by moving out all of her furniture. Everyone was dressed to the nines and there were even a couple of drag queens putting on a show. One did hilarious lip sync. to, "I Will Survive". I took lots of pictures of him. The DJ played "YMCA", "Brick House". and many other favourite disco tunes. A spinning disco ball hung from the ceiling and the party bulbs Lily put in her track lighting, made the place crazy with colours.

Lily had set the food up on the counter between the dining room and kitchen. There were all kinds of finger foods: Buffalo wings, egg rolls, pizza and sausage rolls. Lily's brother Tim had brought his mobile bar from home and was mixing martinis and margaritas for everyone. He put an extra green olive on my toothpick because he knows they are my favourite.

Everyone danced and partied into the early hours of the morning. I can't remember when I had so much fun. When I turn fifty I want to throw a disco party. Maybe if I start using my treadmill I can slim down enough to fit into my old clothes again!