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I just got married in Vegas and it was wonderful!

We've always dreamed of having an Elvis wedding long before Tom and I even met. When we finally decided to get married Tom suggested there was no more perfect place to be married by "The King than Las Vegas. So, my best friend Julie and Tom's best friend Ray and the two of us hopped on a plane bound for Vegas.

When we arrived, we went directly to our hotel to get ready. I wore a red satin dress and put my hair up. Tom wore his Elvis outfit from "Jail House Rock" and slicked back his dark hair. He looked so handsome!

Since we both wanted something special so we decided to order a pair of gold, custom made, Elvis-themed wedding rings. After we obtained a marriage license and we were ready.

Julie and I walked down the aisle while "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You" played. Tom and Ray were waiting at the altar. The minister was dressed as the Elvis Presley of the 70's complete with side burns and obnoxious jumpsuit studded with silver studs and rhinestones and large framed sunglasses. He even talked exactly like him! It was so hard to keep from giggling through the entire ceremony.

As Tom and I slipped the silver rings onto each other's fingers Elvis yelled, "Can I get an halleluja!"

Ray and Julie yelled, "Halleluja!"

We all laughed.

I was so excited after he declared us husband and wife I wasn't sure if it was because I was now a married woman or because Elvis was so cool! A wedding photographer took pictures as Ray and Julie threw rice at us as we ran out of the building.

The four of us went out to a nice restaurant for a delicious dinner of fillet mignon and lobster. Tom ordered a bottle of Champagne and we toasted to our wonderful Elvis wedding. In honor of Elvis, dessert was chocolate peanut butter pie. It was fabulous! I gave everyone their bottle of custom labeled beer I had ordered months before the wedding. They were really cool. Each had "King Ale" a cartoon of Elvis printed on the label and the date of our wedding.

All four of us did a little gambling back at our hotel. Everyone loved Tom's outfit. For most of the evening we stayed at the black jack table because Tom was on a winning streak. It didn't take him long to win enough money to cover half the wedding and trip! I was amazed!

I tried my luck at the Elvis slot machine. I lost, but I was having such a great time I didn't care.

Julie and Ray went to their rooms while Tom and I went back to ours. A bottle of Champagne was chilling in a silver-plated ice bucket beside a custom made gift basket of honeymoon "supplies". Tom opened the bottle, poured two glasses and we toasted our new beginning. The rest I'll just leave to your imagination!

Maybe we'll come back and visit the Elvis minister on our first anniversary!