First Birthday

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My cat, Buster, is the first pet I've ever had. I found Buster when he was just a tiny kitten and hand raised him. So, for his first birthday, I wanted to do something special for him.

I opened a can of tuna fish for his breakfast. I know it isn't really that good for him, but Buster really likes tuna. After breakfast, I took him the groomer. Most cats don't really like to be fussed over, but Buster doesn't mind. I took him to the pet store and we picked out his birthday presents: several new fuzzy toys with bells and feathers on them, a new scratching post and a big pillow of his own sleep on.

A little while after Buster and I got home my neighbor, Diana brought over Buster's best cat friends to play--Nicholas and Tipsy. Buster only saw them on weekends when Diana came over to have coffee with me and they followed her in. His very friendly to people and even other cats. Nickolas and Tipsy brought presents, too. More toys!

The three cats shared a "cake" I made out of cooked ground of chicken meat and rice. There was cat shaped cake for the humans and some champagne. It may seem a little silly, but it's fun to do something different sometimes.

We played games with the cats all afternoon. Diana held the cats while I hid a piece of tuna and then they searched for it. The winner was the cat that found the tuna and ate it. Diana and I tied some of the bows and ribbon from the gifts for them to play with. They all went nuts over it. I have the pictures to prove it.

Nicholas and Tipsy, since they are older, got tired first and lay on opposite arms of the couch while Buster ran back and forth on the back, swatting at their tails. Diana got lots of pictures of Nicholas and Tipsy relaxing while Buster tried to get them to play more. I took the best ones and had them enlarged and framed for Diana to keep.

After Diana, Nicholas and Tipsy went home Buster and I took a nap. Later, Buster and I had a snack while he curled up in my lap and I watched some movies. Though Buster had a great time, the party was really for Diana and I. We both understand our animals are like family to us and like to have a chance to share this common bond. I take any opportunity I can get to show Buster how much I love him.