Fred and Daphney

Fred and Daphney party theme - thumbnail image

My friends, Peter and Susan, wanted to do something a little different for their wedding, so they decided to choose the unusual theme of "Scooby Doo". It was so crazy, but so much fun.

Even the invitations were unusual. On the cover was a picture of the Mystery Machine with the main Scooby doo characters waving from the windows. Inside were all the details about the location, date and time of the wedding.

I arrived early so I could catch the end of the photo session. Susan looked terrific in her Daphne costume and red wig. Her maid of honour, Kerry, was dressed as Velma. Peter was of course dressed as Fred. I wonder how much hair spray he had to use to get his blond hair to look so perfect. The best man was Peter's brother Mike who almost didn't need to dress as Shaggy. Peter and Susan's Great Dane, Scooby, also was in a couple of the pictures. It looked quite bizarre but everyone was laughing and smiling so much at the site it was perfect!

The ceremony and reception were held in Peter and Susan's garden. There were all kinds of appetizers on a buffet table for the guests to snack on before the ceremony. I loaded up a plate and chatted with some of the guests. I asked Kerry if she was going to lose her glasses any time during the ceremony. She laughed, at first pretending to humour me, but then, as if on cue, she stopped and said, "Actually, that's a great idea."

The ceremony was very unusual. Mike had painted a VW bus to look like the Mystery Machine from the cartoon show. It looked amazing! The rear door of the bus was open and the minister performed the marriage from the back of the van. Peter and Susan exchanged wedding rings and the traditional wedding kiss. It was very cool. A professional videographer videotaped the entire ceremony.

After the wedding everyone threw confetti as the newlyweds ran between the rows of guests. A rock tribute band played old tunes from the 60's and 70's and everyone danced like crazy. One of the band members announced Peter and Susan's first dance as a married couple. Scooby kept following them around the dance floor which had us all laughing.

Scooby was put inside the garage and everyone took their seats for the wedding breakfast. The best man and maid of honour made their toasts to the bride and groom. Kerry commented that only Susan and Peter were good enough friends for her to dress up as Velma. Everyone laughed. Dinner was absolutely delicious! We had a choice of crab legs, lobster or chicken kebabs with rice.

Susan tossed her bouquet and I caught it! Michael caught Susan's garter belt and we promised to dance later, after the cake was cut.

The wedding cake was very unusual. It looked like a tiered cartoon birthday cake with chocolate frosting with pink frosting trim. The cake was a very delicious rum cake with vanilla filling. Everyone got bubble favours shaped like miniature champagne bottles with their slice of cake. Everyone used them to blow bubbles when Susan and Peter departed.

Of course, "Fred" and "Daphne" got into the Mystery Machine and drove off to their honeymoon. Everyone danced and partied until 1:00 a.m. I even danced with Mike, who was actually a lot cuter than the Shaggy from the cartoon. Everyone had such a wonderful time! What a wedding! I can't wait to see what they have planned for their anniversary!