From Dusk Till Dawn

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Valentine's Day is commercially tailored towards women. Most women enjoy the attention, I know I do, but I also enjoy making my husband happy. So I told him I wanted to give him a surprise for a change on Valentine's Day and create a sexy and seductive evening we would both enjoy. He was intrigued by the idea and said he would leave everything to me and 'ask no questions'.

Popular culture images of modern vampires depict them as seductive men and women in black leather. I must admit this image is a very provocative one and though I wasn't into the drinking blood part, I liked their dark and seductive nature.

The first thing I did was create a vampire lair by draping the dining room in black and blood red velveteen. I hung the cloth on all four walls and around the doorways. I covered the table with a black tablecloth with a red lace drape over it. The plates and glasses were beautiful ebony china with gold edges. I bought a bunch of clear glass bowls and some red and black floating candles, filled the bowls with water and placed them around the room. These would provide the only light in the room.

I worked on the bedroom next. I shrouded the entire room in black material, covered the black satin sheets with black velveteen and placed a single red silk rose in the centre. I put two black pillar candles on the bedside tables, with saucers under them so they would not drip wax on the dresser. Our bedroom was transformed into the private lair of a vampire.

When I had finished decorating, I lit some spicy incense and put on some trance techno music--it is like regular techno only with a slow, sensuous beat.

I took the two dinners delivered by our favourite fancy restaurant-- two thick, juicy, peppered steaks, potatoes with a rich meat gravy and fresh artichoke hearts--and put the meal onto the black plates covering the food with pan lids to keep it warm. Then I opened a bottle of red wine and poured some into each glass. For dessert, I ordered black forest cake and sprinkled red sugar on top of the velvety whipped cream icing.

I put on a long, black silk night gown under my full length black leather jacket. I didn't put on any long red nails or fake fangs. I wanted the look of a vampire, but I didn't want to frighten him.

My husband arrived carrying two dozen red roses. I put them in a crystal vase while he admired my outfit and the decorations. I told him to wait in the dining room while I went to get the sexy clothes I had bought for him to wear -- black leather trousers and a black silk pirate shirt.

After he changed, we sat down for dinner and ate quietly. We were in our own world, communicating only with our eyes. He took my silence as a clue and neither of us said a word. After dessert, we headed for the bedroom.

It was one of the sexiest nights of my life. My husband and I took some very erotic photos of each other with an instant camera. My husband enjoyed the evening so much he keeps requesting I wear my vampire seductress outfit. I even got him to wear his leather trousers in public one evening when we went out. He kept whispering to me over and over all that evening how much he was reminded him of Valentine's night, how sexy he felt and what he wanted to do to me when we got home !!!!!!